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Introducing the most cost-effective, intuitive Molecular Multiplexing solution on the market today. The AusDiagnostics molecular diagnostic testing platform provides comprehensive clinical data to improve patient care and improve laboratory efficiency.
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Designed to Eliminate Current Molecular Diagnostic Testing Pain Points
The ‘Sample Processor’ automates from sample to result reducing hands on time and decreasing errors. As little as 11min hands on time is required for 24 samples. Real-time PCR is used in the second step of MT-PCR to perform Qualitative detection. A variety of real-time PCR platforms are now supported.


The Tandem-Plex system is capable of detecting 16-20 pathogen targets in a single sample. It’s simple to use: all steps of analysis are automated with minimum hands-on time. In fact, total hands-on time can be as little as 11 Minutes per run.

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System Specifications

  • 24

    Samples per Run

  • 4

    Runs per 8hr Shift

  • 4.5 hours

    Sample to Result Time

  • 24 K

    Samples per Annum

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