Our Story

Presenting the new possibility of disease detection.

As more diseases are discovered around the world, AusDiagnostics USA is taking the lead in developing new technology for accurate diagnosis. We aim to create more opportunities for patients to start a new chapter of their lives by experiencing innovative technology based products to increase chances for their successful treatments.

Molecular diagnostics, which is one of the in vitro diagnostic methods, determines the existence of a disease by analyzing DNA and RNA. Since its introduction onto the market in the late 1990s and early 2000s, molecular diagnostics has become an outstanding diagnostic method that introduced a new paradigm to the global diagnostics market, having surpassed conventional methods such as incubation diagnostics and immunodiagnostics.

Simultaneous and multiple detection technologies, which are unique and superior, have already surpassed the limits of conventional diagnostic techniques and provided a means of testing dozens of pathogens at once.


These technologies result in cost reduction for patients because it allows detection of multiple pathogens in a single test and definitely can provide benefits of more personalized diagnostic opportunities. For doctors, these technologies provide opportunities for more accurate and efficient treatment. For laboratorians it provides for reduction in more manual and time consuming procedures, resulting in greater turnaround time, efficiencies in workflow and reduction in costs.

  • New Technology

    Procurement of proprietary technology which is differentiated and competitive

  • Reinforcement of Product’s Competitiveness

    Continued development of new products with innovative technology

    Licensing and approvals in various countries including FDA

    Establishment of database for clinical assessment, etc.

  • Fortification of Global Network

    Technology transfer business

    OEM business

    Supply to major clinical laboratories

With superior technology, creative values, and strong leadership, AusDiagnostics USA, Inc. promises to treat its customers and stakeholders with integrity and respect and to listen to the needs of the market in order to become the leader in molecular diagnostics. Furthermore, with our growth in sales revenue each year, AusDiagnostics will be a collaborative steward to the customers it serves, the communities it operates in and a caring employer to its employees