AusDiagnostics USA improves the lives of people through innovative technology.

Innovation is in our DNA.

AusDiagnostics USA has a broad range of currently developed products which cover a variety of disease areas and already have European CE IVD mark and are planned for FDA submission in the near future: Respiratory pathogens, Enteric pathogens, STIs, HPV, Herpes, Bacterial drug resistance, CSF pathogens and Human genetics.

Our products eliminate current multiplexing pain points by helping to:

  • Streamline Workflows

    Current users agree that the AusDiagnostics platform (Tandem-Plex) is the easiest to use. Mastermix’s are pre-made so all a user has to do is put the kit components on the robot deck, select the assay and press run!

  • Improve Turnaround Time

    Up to 24 samples per batch– with results in 60-75 minutes! Busy lab personnel can perform other duties due to the minimal hands-on time to set up a

  • Reduce Costs

    Costs are cut across the board due to the simplicity of use and manual steps being automated. Hands-on time is reduced to a minimum with as little as 10 minutes per run allowing your lab run more efficiently and effectively.

AusDiagnostics USA prides itself on offering the best quality kits on the market for the most competitive price.
Providing a better clinical outcome for patients is a major driver of our company:

  • Rapid Detection of Infectious Diseases

    Rapid and comprehensive detection of respiratory disease pathogens is an important strategy in reducing the spread of respiratory disease. Our T-Plex RP-B Panel Detection Kit identifies a larger number of respiratory pathogen targets in a shorter timeframe than conventional methods.

  • Efficient Workflow

    Traditional techniques for identifying viral, bacterial and protozoan pathogens require a high degree of knowledge and can take days to get a result. Our T-Plex EPB Panel Detection Kit replaces these methodologies with a single efficient workflow that requires less training, staff and hands-on-time, and gives a result in less time than other methods.

  • Automation

    The AusDiagnostics Tandem-Plex (“T-Plex”) platform is a multiplex bench top platform that integrates our OEM DNA extraction, automated multiplex PCR robotics for the entire T-Plex product range, reader and result analysis.

  • Standardized Sample Processing

    Our sample processing method is common for all specimen types leading to workflow efficiencies and standardized results between laboratories.

  • Multiplex Technology

    Our multiplex technology forms the basis of our Detection Kits. This technology allows for simpler design of molecular assays facilitating the simultaneous detection of multiple targets from a single sample. Our technology and detection kits are compatible with both RNA and DNA targets.

  • Product Pipeline

    AusDiagnostics USA has a number of detection kits both in development and in process for FDA approval. All new products follow a defined development and commercialization process comprised of (i) Experimental Analytical Validation, and (ii) Clinical and Regulatory Validation prior to release.

Product Areas

AusDiagnostics USA features products for the following areas. Select your area of interest to learn more: