Introducing the most cost-effective, intuitive multiplexing solution on the market today.

The Tandem-Plex system is highly multiplexed capable — 16-20 pathogens detected in the sample.


  • Highly multiplexed — 16-20 pathogens detected in the sample
  • Preserved relative quantitation of pathogens
  • Simple to use. All steps of analysis are automated
  • Minimum hands-on time. Total hands-on time as little as 11 minutes per run
  • No reagent to make up. Place ready to-go reagents on the deck and start


  • Each product uses 16 wells to detect up to 20 targets in real-time PCR  format from a single sample
  • Extended set of controls provided: inhibitors control, extraction control,  positive control, sample adequacy control
  • All reagents are pre-filled and plasticware is prepacked in kit boxes
  • No sample transferring or reformatting required
  • The system (without extractor) requires 3.3 feet of bench space so suitable  for labs with a very limited space available
  • Easy-to-use software with automatic results calling require just 2-3 min for  the data analysis and results reporting
  • UV-light system for deck sterilization

System Specifications

  • 24 Samples per Run
  • 4 Runs per 8hr Shift
  • 4.5 hour Sample to Result Time
  • 24 K Samples per Annum

System Components

  • Extractor — different 3rd party models (supplied upon request)
  • MT-Processor (Robot) — WxDxH 19.3” x 22.8“ x 15.4”, 66.1 lb, 300VA
  • MT-Analyser (Real-time PCR cycler) — WxDxH 8.3” x 21.3” x 21.3”, 59.5 lb,  500VA (peak)